Monday, January 30, 2017

Hellooo? Anybody hooooome?

Greetings, Interfolk! It's me again.

I have some thoughts. I will now attempt to tame the thoughts and wrangle some meaning out of my life. Seems like a tall order for a Monday evening, but I'm feeling froggy.

First, let's just acknowledge it's been a very long time. 6+ years, 7 foster children, and a full commitment to this white head of hair, to be exact. I've lost and gained back an embarrassing amount of weight. Hannah is in culinary school, Olivia is a college sophomore. Seth is in 10th grade, Claire is in 6th, Jesse is in 3rd(ish), and Mama's in bed by 9 most nights.

I'm not even going to try to rehash All The Things, but I will probably write about the ones I want to make sure to remember. This will probably come from going through the zillion or so digital photos on my computer, which is very overwhelming to an old lady who learned at an early age that pictures came from Fotomat. Or, if you wanted to be spendy, MotoPhoto.

So here's a thing I think about from time to I really need every last single one of the zillionish digital photos? Is there some sort of cosmic law against paring down? My mother kept photos of her feet, the sky, blurry children (I don't think I came completely into focus until 1984), and whatever else was in the Fotomat envelope, so I don't just toss out pictures willy-nilly. But, good gravy, there are a lot of photos. What are we supposed to DO with them?

In other news, we sold our house last year and are now living in a townhouse about half the size. It's cozy. We're cozy. So much cozy.

I had literal truck loads of clothing, furniture, books, household items hauled away to various charities so that we could fit 6.5 of us (Liv is in the dorm most of the year) and two cats in our tiny townhouse. It's still too full for my taste and I'm still giving stuff away. I just want less stuff. Fewer belongings. Less clutter. More time, more space, more efficiency. This will be a work in progress.

There are so many things I know I want to write about. Right now, I just want to hit 'publish' and get things cranking again.