Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shameless Contest Entry Post

On a day covered in hoary frost, when the roads outside are slicker than kid snot on a cold brass doorknob, I have found an oasis in the midst of the world wide web. That oasis is Oh Amanda. Sometimes I laugh out loud. Sometimes I just nod knowingly. Sometimes I get so behind on my blog reading that I miss entire months of posts, but that doesn’t matter; she’s always there with her archives ready to enable my unhealthy need to snoop into other people’s bidness. Particularly when that snooping is done instead of boring stuff like laundry and mopping. Especially mopping. It’s amazing, really, the lengths to which I will go in order to avoid the hateful task of mopping. Which is odd since a freshly-mopped floor is one of the things I love best in the world.

Speaking of things I love best, Oh Amanda is one of my MOST DEF FAVE Twitter People, or Tweople, or for those of you down wit’ dat, Tweeps. Though we’ve never met in real life, I’m sure we could while away several hours in the comfy chairs at Starbucks, laughing our fool heads off over kids and life in general.

So, here I am at just over 200 words. The challenge was to write 400 words on What Oh Amanda Means To Me. I’m just in it to win a sling from Raspberry Baby, one of many too-too-cute Etsy shops about which I would have known nothing had it not been for Amanda’s tweet which sent me to her blog which inspired me to enter her contest and try to get as many entries as possible. As a bonus, I am sitting here looking all busy and efficient, when, in reality, I am avoiding all manner of actual productive endeavors. I wonder if most efficient-looking folks are actually just creative procrastinators? I wouldn’t be surprised. I usually feel a driving need to organize the files when I’m supposed to be packing to go on vacation.

To summarize, Oh Amanda means smiles and the studious avoidance of stuff resembling work. Not that I was going to work in the first place. Especially not today.

What’s today, you ask? Well, let me tell you: Today, Tuesday, January 27, 2009, I am celebrating another successful trip around the sun. My forty-first trip in a row, for those of you keeping score at home.

PS: Love giveaways? Go HERE

I will now resume my not-blogging for your not-reading pleasure. That is all.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Since I'm All About Education

I need to be getting myself ready to take the older girls on a field trip to the Federal Courthouse. But first, I really need to show you something. You're never far from my thoughts, Dear Readers, and when I watch this video (which I do--daily), I wonder if the rest of my virtual loved ones (that's YOU) are equipped to defend themselves should the need arise. And so, without further ado, I bring you Diamond Dave's Ninjy Trainin' School:

Please view the video and be prepared to discuss the finer points tomorrow.

Yours for Trailer Park Safety,


You Never Know WHAT Will Show Up In Your Reader

Hello? Anybody here?

MAN, is it ever dusty!

I have so much I want to write, so many things to ask you guys and a zillion reasons why this little corner of Blogdom has been dark. Maybe I'll get around to that stuff sometime. For now, I want to pop in, say hey (Hey!!) and ramble. Sound good? I thought so.

Tonight, it's just me, Dan, Hannah and Jesse, since my dear friend took the three middle kids to church with their family tonight. This makes me WAY undermotivated to put on my Magic Chef hat, know what I mean? I'm thinking it'll be sandwiches and soup for dinner, unless I can talk Dan into taking us to the Chinese Buffet that just opened. Here's hopin'.

I just looked out the window, and the sunset tonight is peachy-pink. So pretty.

Jesse's taking an impressively long nap, and I'm afraid that if I actually start something productive, he'll wake up. My philosophy of baby naps is this: the length of the nap is inversely proportional to the complexity of what I'm doing. If I'm cleaning out a closet or explaining the difference between volume and mass, that little stinker sleeps about 15 minutes. Surfing the 'net for Maxine cartoons? Sleeps for 3 hours.

Oh, Internets (I'd like to publicly thank Sophie for coining this wonderful term of endearment), there's so much for us to discuss, I hardly know where to start. And, guess what? Jesse's awake, so we'll all have to wait until my next blog post, which I PROMISE will be on or before Labor Day!