Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Never Know WHAT Will Show Up In Your Reader

Hello? Anybody here?

MAN, is it ever dusty!

I have so much I want to write, so many things to ask you guys and a zillion reasons why this little corner of Blogdom has been dark. Maybe I'll get around to that stuff sometime. For now, I want to pop in, say hey (Hey!!) and ramble. Sound good? I thought so.

Tonight, it's just me, Dan, Hannah and Jesse, since my dear friend took the three middle kids to church with their family tonight. This makes me WAY undermotivated to put on my Magic Chef hat, know what I mean? I'm thinking it'll be sandwiches and soup for dinner, unless I can talk Dan into taking us to the Chinese Buffet that just opened. Here's hopin'.

I just looked out the window, and the sunset tonight is peachy-pink. So pretty.

Jesse's taking an impressively long nap, and I'm afraid that if I actually start something productive, he'll wake up. My philosophy of baby naps is this: the length of the nap is inversely proportional to the complexity of what I'm doing. If I'm cleaning out a closet or explaining the difference between volume and mass, that little stinker sleeps about 15 minutes. Surfing the 'net for Maxine cartoons? Sleeps for 3 hours.

Oh, Internets (I'd like to publicly thank Sophie for coining this wonderful term of endearment), there's so much for us to discuss, I hardly know where to start. And, guess what? Jesse's awake, so we'll all have to wait until my next blog post, which I PROMISE will be on or before Labor Day!


  1. Oh, you little cliff-hanger girl, you. ;) Enjoy that baby now. And the other kids, too. There's always time to blog in another season. But that said: come back, because I missed you! See, I can't make up my mind. Shifty soul that I am.

  2. Welcome back! So nice to hear/read you. Happy New Year.

    And so true. If I'm gazing off into space doing nothing, the naps are waaay long. If I attempt a project or a conversation, no nappy dice.

  3. You are such a tease! But in a good way. Can't wait to read what you've got cooking. I hope you got Chinese.

  4. Greetings. Looking forward to his next nap so I can hear more.

  5. Labor Day - you set such high standards for yourself :)

  6. Totally with you on the whole baby nap thing. It's like the knoooooow.

  7. So funny. That's how I feel when I come back to the blog after an absence. It's not that I don't have anything to say; it's that I have too much, and I don't know where to start.

    Having said that, however, I say again: I miss you. Maybe we should make a mutual pledge to blog three times a week or something? Accountability?

  8. I'm with you sister! I truly hope to be back to my bloggy self in May when I get out of school. Or at least in September when the girls go back to school. Forever grateful knowing you are still alive. =)

    Well, except I know that thanks to Twitter.

  9. How did you figure out that nap/me-time ration? That is SO TRUE.