Saturday, March 21, 2009

If BooMama Can Do It... can I! Lookie here! It's a list! And it must be cute and oh-so-sassy because I've seen it on the most fashionable blogs. I will commence with the list, post haste, lest all the wordiness detract from the impact of aforementioned list.

One more note, real quick: whereas it's Stupid-thirty in the morning, and whereas I'm living the reality that mother's milk is composed entirely of maternal brain cells, this list will be neither orderly nor logical. You've been warned.

1. Watching 24 should qualify as aerobic exercise. I clinch muscle groups which have yet to be named while I watch Jack Bauer single-handedly attempt to save humanity from certain doom. Again. As usual.

B. While I LOVE being a mom, and I'm OVER THE MOON about my five (count 'em, F-I-V-E) (seriously, somebody count 'em, 'cause I might've left one at the library) (HA! I had you thinking we go to the library!) (where was I?) kids, and I am BEYOND GRATEFUL to be able to stay home with them, and I KNOW in my KNOWER that we're supposed to home school...Y'ALL! Doing all these things at once is like juggling cats and I'm getting scratched to pieces! Therefore, henceforth I shall only Mother on Mondays, Teach on Tuesdays, Wash on Wednesdays, Train on Thursdays and File on Fridays. On Saturdays, I shall Sit and on Sundays I will Sing. Man! Am I glad I got THAT worked out!

III. I got home from a trip to Colorado exactly one month ago today. I remembered to tell you about it because THE SUITCASE IS STILL ON THE FLOOR OF MY ROOM. You'll want to come back here to read the rest of my housekeeping tips.

Four. My blog reader runneth over, but I'm reading them here and there as I have a spare moment. I mostly read on my phone, which means that I'm not commenting as much. If your sitemeter stats list a visitor from Oklahoma City using a Mac, assume it's me and try to imagine me nodding, mm-hmmm-ing and muttering the occasional "you go, Girl". Because I totally am.

Cinco. I love Twitter.

The end.


  1. Dana, this list alone tells me that we could be best friends, especially the part about the suitcase being on the floor. :o) And my blog reader sent me a long-term storage bill for the past month, and some great advice: read them or check read all. I'm highly tempted to follow it...

    I love Twitter too, but I can't get on nearly as much since I at least want to appear as if I'm dedicated at my not-so-new job... Details, details.

  2. Love your schedule. It's important to be organized. Days of the week panties would ensure that you keep it all straight.

  3. Lurve your organization prowess, Dana. And though, I'm loathe to admit I don't watch 24, I believe you on the isometric muscle work out. I wish the same could be said for American Idol or The Amazing Race.

  4. (Makes mental note to copy those or-gan-izing skillz.)

    You crack me up. I love reading you on Twitter. I don't do much with it because I can't understand why anyone would care what I'm doing. The mystery of it all!

  5. BAHAHAHA! So I'm not the ONLY one with a suitcase on the floor from a month ago. Took a cruise mid-Feb with some waaaay cool friends. I have no doubt they're so cool that they put all their stuff away when they got home. Me? "Why, hellooOOo suitcase. Perhaps one day, when I've not just tripped over you but literally torn a ligament in my knee AND broke a digit on the way down, perhaps THEN I'll empty you out and put you away. 'Till then, see ya in the mornin'." Oy vey!
    p.s. we count our four kids, a purse, a diaper bag and two bibles every Sunday after church. It's,..uh,..necessary. ;)

  6. So funny.

    Your schedule sounds a lot like mine. On Mondays, I mend. On Tuesdays, I Twitter. (It really needs its own day, don't you agree?) On Wednesdays, I whine. (Or is it I wine?) On Thursdays, I think. On Fridays, I find things that everyone else in my family has "misplaced. On Saturdays, I sleep. On Sundays, I study.

    And now, I'm going to bed.

    It's Saturday, after all.

  7. u r funny! (That's chat speak. All the kids are doing it.)

    I am SO with you on the cat juggling scenario.