Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Did You Bring Your Brain? Can I Pick It Please?

Yesterday, Jesse and I took a little trip north to Newton, KS. We went with my sweet friend Angela for the purpose of meeting with the director and board president of the Newton Children's Choir. Angela and I are starting a community children's choir here in central Oklahoma.

Okay. Typing that last sentence made me catch my breath a little.

Community children's choir...us...just two moms. Angela is a degreed music teacher, and a mighty gifted one at that. She has a vision for the group, and has been doing extensive research online, over the phone and in person. And I'm, uhm, good with forms. Also, as a French Horn player, I have the ability to count to 4 over and over again. Obviously, Angela has very high standards for her associates.

On the one hand, there isn't a community children's choir in central Oklahoma, which makes us think the avenue is wide open. On the other hand, there isn't a community children's choir in central Oklahoma, probably because nobody wants one. You see the dilemma. I'm sure you're all wanting to partner with me in a bold venture in the near future. I have that effect on folks. I try to use my powers only for good.

We're not affiliating with any church or school, we're looking to have grades 4 through 8, rehearse once a week, perform locally, give two main concerts annually and take trips of varying durations to perform at regional music festivals. We will take all interested singers, musical background not necessary. We will charge tuition, and will be writing grant proposals to keep tuitions affordable.

Here's where you come in: does your area have anything like what I've described? Is there a website we can visit? What do you think? Are families too overscheduled as it is? Would you consider something like this if it were available?

We're giving ourselves a year and a half to launch the choir. We plan to hold our first rehearsal in August of 2010, which seems so very far in the future, but feels like it's right around the corner. I'm anxious to know your thoughts.


  1. Ooh, that sounds like an exciting project! A couple from Chicago moved out here to the uncultured midwest and loved it. Except they missed the community theater for children and the work they did there.

    So they started one here. And now they have a job posting on Craigslist.


    So yes, I think you could be quite successful. And there is an email on that posting. Maybe they'd give you some specific direction and advice from their experience?

  2. There is a theater group here that also has a community children's choir. I think the $$ is wrapped up in the theater as there is no tuition for kids who participate. The theater is ACO which might stand for Arkansas Community ---something or other. :)

    How great that you are doing this! You are very brave, indeed.

  3. I think there is one in Terre Haute, IN. That's all I know about it. Maybe google. . .

  4. Just wanted to say I wish you much success!!

  5. I admire the gumption to get it started, and it'll be fun to see what God does with it.

  6. I think there are a couple here in San Antonio.


    They're wonderful, and discipline makes the difference. If you do nothing else, please, please, PLEASE require every child to TURN IN their cell phone to a common area until rehearsal is over. You're welcome--trust me.

  7. We've been involved in a homeschool youth choir since January! They learn how to play recorders as well as some group vocals. Some pluses, some minuses; overall a good thing.

    Pluses: fees were reasonable, kids have learned some basic music-reading skills, REALLY fired up a love for music and a desire to learn more, new friends, opportunity to perform in front of others, parents NOT allowed into rehearsals, practice is expected at home

    Minuses: rehearsals are 5pm Fridays - scheduled to end at 6:15 but they always, ALWAYS go over which is annoying on Friday night at dinnertime! Performances were scheduled in a cluster - 7 or 8 performances over two weekends - 3 perf's in one day is TOO MUCH for the kids.

    All my minuses are related to time. Start on time, END on time, don't cram too much into weekends. Best wishes on your endeavour! :)

  8. I'd love it if I could get my girls to do it. Hm, maybe I'll just force them! :)

  9. Heart of the Valley Children's Choir. Unfortunately they let their website expire. Try here... http://www.musiccelebrations.com/festivals/2009/pdfs/HOV_ChildrensChoirBio.pdf

  10. I think it would be great! I don't know if they have anything like that here...but if we do, when my little one gets older, I would love to put her in it! If I hear of anything I will post again on here.