Sunday, November 2, 2008

Do You Know Where My Gumption Is?

My "maternity leave" is officially over. I had given myself two months to recover from having Jesse, and that time is up. Tomorrow I need to hit the proverbial ground running. There's just one problem: my gumption seems to be missing. I think it eloped with my mojo and they're honeymooning somewhere far from the Wilson Domicile.

I do have a few stray thoughts I've been wanting to put into writing, mostly as a way to hold myself accountable.

I'm working on being the mom I think my kids deserve. I thought about this a year or so ago, but didn't really put feet to it, you know? I began to think of what I'd want my kids to have in a mom if I had to write a Help Wanted ad. Why I went down this mental trail remains a mystery for the ages. It occurred to me that I would require things of Help Wanted Mama that I don't do myself, and that bothered me. I think I can do a much better job of being the mother my kids deserve, and I'm working on making that happen.

We're "building character" around here right now, as the leaky sink, broken dishwasher, non-functional air conditioner and unfrozen deep freeze line up to teach us what is and what is not a necessity in this life. I hope the lessons of initiative, work, mild discomfort and being grateful for our many blessings last. I also wonder what sorts of lessons we could learn without having to mourn the passing of a beloved appliance, and whether we could just get started on them now.

Happy Monday, y'all. And Happy November!


  1. I haven't seen your gumption, but if you find it..ask it where my motivation has been lately! Perhaps there's a TION convention somewhere?

    Oh and about the mom wanted ad...ouch! Not sure I want to go there! Maybe I should.

  2. I'm trying to guess where gumption and mojo went on their honeymoon. Have they sent any pictures?

  3. Mine took my brain with them. I asking out loud now what was I going to do? The boys think this is funny. Too bad I'm not kidding. Sigh

  4. Sometime between September and the end of December my gumption, motivation and mojo swing back into town and keep me running non stop with all their ideas and things to do.

    Sadly, they each start taking turns heading out on vacation around about January and by June have disapeared completely.

    Perhaps I can loan you one of the three as I'm about run off my feet right now.

    Or, you could try doing what we Catholics do and ask a Saint to intercede on your behalf. St. Anthony finds lost things and St. Jude is good for hopeless cases (though I hope you're not there yet).



  5. Sometimes building character totally stinks. Especially when stuff keeps breaking.

    Sorry about it.

    I actually love the idea of coming up with a want ad for a replacement mother. It lists the things that really matter to you. And even if it's intimidating, it reminds you of what you'd like for your family. Which can be overwhelming, but still good :)

  6. Oh, a mommy want-ad. That's good. Most of the time, I find myself saying that I don't believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I'd want to come back as one of my children. They want for nothing, yada, yada, yada. I always as compassionate as I'd like to be? As understanding as I'd like to be? As quick to listen and slow to speak or walk away while lecturing over my shoulder?

    Apparently the character needing the woodshed is indeed mine.