Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What's YOUR Super Power?

Greetings from the armchair in my bedroom! I'm coming to you, as I often do, with a lap full o' nursing boy. I can blog and nurse at the same time! I am also, for those of you keeping score at home, supervising the holiday baking and praying for world peace.

The other day, I commented on Twitter that I'm considering adding Human Pacifier to my resumé, as it appears that my, um, babyfeeders (hat tip to Jeana) have a special power all their own to calm a certain 12 pounds of Savage Beast. Kelly at Love Well suggested that she was a Human Kleenex that particular day. That got me thinking about Mommy the Human Napkin who writes at Realm of Crazy People. All of this made me wonder, what's YOUR super power?

In case it's not obvious, this is a thinly-veiled ploy to get to you entertain me. Ready? Set. Go!


  1. Able to use a fully loaded mouth of sarcasm at the drop of a hat. It's a gift. ;)

    Suddenly all those moments of having a bar of soap in my mouth for being sassy makes a lot of sense. I don't think my mom has a sense of humor.

  2. Since my son is obsessed with pulling himself up (his newly discovered super power), I have become a Human Crutch. No longer does my baby sit calmly in my lap. No way - he is constantly pulling on my shirt, arms, hair to pull himself into the standing position. In fact today we were at the doctor's office when I looked down and realized I was flashing the young family sitting across from us. My son had pulled my shirt down to my belly leaving nothing but my see-through bra to be seen. Mortifying? Not for me (seriously, after child-birth, what's one more person looking at my "parts"). But I'm sure I embarrassed one or two members of the "audience" who received quite a show.

  3. My powers of procrastination are without limit and, as you now know, I can fail to return phone calls in a single bound.

  4. I can have whole conversations and not actually say anything.

    It takes years of practice. Don't try this at home.

  5. I think I must be a chair-to-climbing-toy Transformer. If I'm sitting, I must want a child curled up in my lap; if I'm standing, clearly I'm meant to be jumped on and scaled.

  6. I'm a mind-reader! It comes from spending nearly every single waking moment with my children as they grow from infants into fully loaded people.

    Or it might just be an overstated way to acknowledge that I get to know my girls pretty well.

    And for that, I am. so. thankful.

  7. I have reverse powers.

    Any one can ask me a question and I loose all knowledge, I BECOME INSTANTLY STUPID and have to have YARM13YOL (you are ruining my 13 year old life) answer for me and her answers are always WAY better than what I would have said1

    What kind of power is that?

  8. my super power is...drumroll please...the ability to decide what we will do for evening fun that noone can think of...but I the only one present in the room, adult, with a brain...I just don't know...and I only seem to have this power when I am blogging and reading blogs...hmmm, is it a conspiracy....

    and there is football on...hmmmm

  9. I have a t-shirt that says, "I make milk, what's YOUR superpower?" Though we've weaned, I still wear it occasionally! :)

    Love the idea about talking to them like they're someone elses kids. DH hates it when I use the two different mommy voices. I'm going to try your idea today.

    Found you through Rocks. Bookmarking you!

  10. I was a Human Pacifier, too! ;) Nowadays, though, it feels like I must decide whether to use my power of invisibility for good or for evil.