Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've been back at blogging for just over a month. I really thought I had more that I wanted to say, but it appears that I've lost my blogging mojo. I wonder, though, if I even had mojo in the first place. Seems real mojo would be a tad more reliable and, um, present, leading me to conclude that I started this blog with a heapin' helpin' of faux-jo. Which would explain a whole lot.

Appropos of nothing, I HATE telemarketing calls. I was just told to "get my story straight" by the operator whose company CALLED ME. Grrr.

I have so many things rolling around in my head that I'd love to turn into a blog post, but I seem to have a case of chronic mental constipation. I wonder if it's caused by the dearth of chocolate and dairy in my diet? That seems like the most logical explanation.

On today's agenda: Fun With Preschoolers! Watch and be amazed as the very same almost-4-year-old who got out ALL the alphabet cards and playdoh whimpers, whines and slogs around because she CAAAaaan't put it AAAaaalll aWAAaaay. Let the good times roll, my friends. This is the child that is the source of All the Useful Information You Never Knew You Needed, such as "Mama has to feed the baby because she has the biggest n!pples."

Okay. I started this post on Monday. Today is Thursday. I will now press PUBLISH POST because, frankly, I'm tired of trying to turn this into something interesting.


  1. Mental constipation - I like that! Can I steal the phrase?

  2. I suffer from a condition called think-of-a-great-post-when-there-is-no-way-I-can-write-it-down. Do you like the name? I just made it up myself.

    In bed, late at night or knee deep in laundry or while bathing the baby are perfect times to draft witty, thought-provoking, original posts that I CAN'T REMEMBER when I actually get my fingers on a key pad.

  3. The faux jo comment was worth the whole post!

  4. Hey, at least you have the biggest nipples.

  5. I about coughed up a lung on that last sentence. You should get her and Jensen over at DeeDee's together.

    THEN, the good times will never stop.

  6. Oh yes, we bloggers do certainly have our times of blogging blocks. We just take a little break and it all clears up.



  7. I've had that happen lately. I have these great posts floating in my head but when I sit down to type it - gone!
    You don't even try and it's still funny!

  8. My best post ideas come when I am driving and then when I get home I can't remember. Very frustrating. I think I could fix the world if I could just get those thoughts on the screen!!!!

  9. I think you put too much pressure on yourself.

    That said, I also have the mental constipation. And it stinks. (No pun intended.)