Sunday, October 19, 2008

Practical Wisdom

This post challenged me today. I hope you'll check it out. It made me realize that, while I have a reasonably valid excuse for the clutter in my home right now, I have no excuse at all for the clutter in my life and in my heart. I can spend 30 minutes, 8 times a day searching myself for things that fall short of God's standard if I will just take the opportunity. I can confess my sins, pray for my family and friends, memorize God's Word and nourish my spirit while I nourish my little boy. This could cut into my Twittering.

In other news, our air conditioner is out. I know it's October, but this is Oklahoma and I'm a weenie. If it's 85 outside, Mama's got "bought air" inside. Also on the injured list: the dishwasher. It appears to fill with water, but the water, somehow, doesn't spray around enough to wash the dishes. I know. My grasp of Things Mechanical boggles the mind. Lastly, completing the Household Budget Bomb Trifecta, there's a leak under the kitchen sink. It appears to come from nowhere, though that is still under investigation.

Little Jesse seems to be struggling with reflux, and I'm doing everything I can to help the little fella out. This includes cutting dairy, caffeine and chocolate from my diet, among other, less traumatic adjustments. Y'all. I'm down to eating sticks and dirt here. That can't be good, can it?

So, to recap: My house is a mess and so is my life. I'm eating sticks and dirt off paper plates in the stifling heat and I have minihoonies peeing under my sink. This is going to be an interesting week.


  1. Sorry about the sticks and dirt...My son had reflux. Finally, we treated him with meds, but I think we tried to wait as long as possible, so he was practically cured of it by the time we started the Rx. good luck

  2. oh do i know how you feel. Chaos has insued my day to day life for what seems like forever but really has only been a few weeks now. I hope it gets better for you!

  3. Minihoonies?

    Well, things can only get better right?


  4. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but I couldn't help but smile - as awful as all this is (especially the a/c) somehow you've made it funny.

    To me. I'm sure you don't think it's very funny. I hope every last single thing falls into place, soon.

    Cameron had reflux - no fun!

  5. Reflux. A six letter word meaning the bane of my existence for the first 10 months of Jake's life.

    Cocyntal, recommended by our lactation consultant(, Prevacid (once he was finally diagnosed), a primarily free range (unseasoned but for salt and pepper) turkey and rice diet, sleeping in the Amby Baby Motion Bed ( and time finally proved to be our salvation.

    Jesse is absolutely adorable - I love the pics your sister took.


  6. A minihoonie: an elderly Okie leprechaun who drinks too much coffee and hasn't heard of Depends.

  7. I have learned a new word. And that's only one of the things I love about your post. I am mighty cluttered. I seem to be stumbling on to others who are possibly in the same boat. I am taking that as a sign to do something about it.

  8. Sticks and dirt are much better with ketchup. :D

  9. My son Asher had terrible colic and that included reflux. I really did almost resort to sticks and dirt. Or at the very least I resorted to standing in the kitchen, spinning in circles, crying and wishing I could eat.

    Good times. I'm so sorry! Eating is so great. When you can do it.

  10. I didn't know you were blogging!!!! I've gotta get caught up with that new young'un!I've missed you!

  11. Do you have a spray nozzle next to your faucet? We examined every pipe and connection underneath the sink for the source of our leak, only to come up dry - so to speak.

    Turns out that the collar on the spray nozzle had come loose, causing it to leak every time we turned on the faucet.

    I hope your fix is that simple!