Thursday, October 9, 2008


Oh, how I love Twitter! I said one time that Twitter is to blogging what bungee jumping is to suicide: all the excitement, none of the commitment. In 140 characters, I've managed to sum up just about everything in my life. I'm not sure if that makes me very clever or boring in the extreme. I can sign on to Twitter and all of a sudden, I'm walking into a really cool hangout where there's always someone there I like and they're always saying something interesting, informative, entertaining, offbeat or thought-provoking. It's like being allowed to eavesdrop on people's lives, and it's crazy addictive. I use Twitterrific on my iPhone so I don't have to miss a single tweet.

Don't even get me started on the followers. Y'all. I have 72 followers. Do you have any idea how long this type-A, first born has wanted FOLLOWERS? In the great Twitter scheme of things, 72 isn't that many followers, either. Lots of folks have hundreds upon hundreds of followers, which is fine. I'm grateful that, for reasons known only to God and possibly the Keebler Elves, 72 people want to be notified immediately when our cat yaks in the laundry basket or I find my son's Booger Wall. Let us all take a moment now to thank God for the Information Age.


I do have a few questions, however. "Retweeting" eludes me. I get the purpose, but I can't seem to figure how it's done. Also, how/why do people I've never heard of find me? My updates are protected simply because I got tired of the spammy-type followers, so when someone wants to start getting my updates, they have to make a request. If they don't seem spammy, they're in. But how in the world did they find me in the first place? It's a stumper, my friends. Lastly, what is the '#' for? What does it do?

I am especially proud of having figured out (to a small degree) StumbleUpon. GIANT TIME SUCK, but fascinating on so many levels. I stumbled some of the most bizzarre content on the Internet today, which explains why my shoes are in the middle of the floor and my preschooler had instant oatmeal for dinner. I'm pretty sure the Mother of the Year people will be calling any minute. I just hope they find me before the Health Department does.


  1. You'd be amazed at how many people go through and look at other people's followers or who they are following. If they see "Clemntine" they probably remember you from your previous blogging days..and say, "Hey! I remember her. I knew I'd find her again some day." You are quite memorable you know. =)

    As for retweet on twitterific, I have no idea how. I use tweetdeck and twitterberry when I had data on the Crackberry.

    And I don't know about the # either. Never even notices.

    Either way, I'm happy you twitter b/c frankly you sense of humor brightens my day.

  2. I'm very new to Twitter and I still don't get it. Robin is right - a lot of people remember you as you are slap the table funny.

    Don't feel bad - my ban on receiving the mother of the year award won't lift until 2015.

  3. Hello! I know you mostly through Twitter and I'm so glad!

    I found out about the # thing - "Typing #(with the category) into your tweet will cause a site called Twemes to index it."
    I knew it was something to do with searching for a certain topic!

    When I downloaded Tweetdeck I noticed that it has a button for Retweeting. Who'd a thunk it!